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You totes love these totes?

OK-Beverly, MA has been working hard on banning plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. The result begins on January 1, 2019—businesses that provide plastic bags to consumers will be fined $50. Let’s hope large corporations will listen.

Each tote bag is hand painted with love in my Beverly, MA studio. I love the feeling of painting on raw canvas and i also love grabbing a unique bag for my groceries, sandy beach wear, farmers market finds, weekend toiletries, transporting my cat from room to room, or anything normal in between. Fear of mass production has led each tote to be an original painting, a little piece what my larger studio work might look like.

I share a few different designs on my instagram which offer a variety of uses.

Discover the beach, everyday, and grocery tote below.

The ‘beach’ tote

  • 15”L x 4”W x 11”H.

  • hand painted

  • canvas material

  • weather proof

  • made to order

{This limited edition pair below is being sold at The Captains’ Daughter in Provincetown, MA but you can have one just like it!}

The ‘everyday’ tote

  • 10.5” L x 5”W x 13.5” H

  • hand painted

  • weather proof

  • thick canvas material

  • made to order

The ‘grocery’ tote

  • 14” L x 7”W x 16”H

  • hand painted

  • weather proof

  • thin canvas material

  • made to order

Each design comes with a 3-5 color spread. Price fluxuates between the material of the bags and time taken for each painting. Pieces may have residue of paint and unique marks making every single bag one of a kind.


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