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“The Studio Allston Hotel is a creative hospitality experience situated in the heart of Boston’s hippest neighborhood. With a unique blend of energizing art and design, wit, and a comfortable atmosphere, Studio Allston enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. #StayOutsideTheFrame

Room 506, Studio Allston Hotel Boston, MA

Room 506, Studio Allston Hotel Boston, MA

Thanks to Isenberg Projects and Hotel Studio Allston, my blue paintings were transformed to fit into 9 hotel rooms with 4 prints to accompany the mural size wallpaper behind the beds. Located on 1234 Soldiers Field Road in Allston (right along the Charles River) my blue paintings were digitally stretched to fit a full sized wall which was so nerve-wracking! I had a chance to stay in one of the rooms after a night of dining with the 12 other artists that contributed to the final product. My nerves dwindled once I walked into this unique, fun, contemporary space- immediately knowing my paintings were in good hands. Waking up covered in blue was a dream, and I am so thankful for the experience.

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