OK: Dates/ Thoughts

Ok-- I've been invited into two shows for this coming March of 2016.

((Brickbottom Gallery, "Temporal Transcendent" Opening reception March 13

Marblehead Arts Association Gallery, "Momentous Passage" Opening reception March 20 ))


My problem: I find it personally challenging to use older work for a new show. Constant changes lead to changes in my painting. I find it hard for me to show something I may not have been proud of in the past or something I fear never made it to "completion"-- it doesn't feel present.

I remember: this is not a problem. The emotional connection with my paintings serve a purpose. If showing something old means going back to the place I was emotionally, it feels uncomfortable. That's okay, and this is my daily reminder. 

I have loosened up in my process. More physical contact has been incorporated: pouring paint, using more paint, using large brush strokes with large brushes and other tools. I've limited my pallet, and started using a few colors to begin.

Below are wet, early stages to landscapes