dear twenty five

I TURNED 25--although it's not an uncommon accomplishment, it feels extremely reflective & different. It feels good to be this age. There are plenty of words I can say to myself-- i did my best and wrapped it up in a letter. 

dear twenty five,

Here you are. Although you have wished for things to be different on many occasions, hoped for less pain and hurtful events, you are welcoming your twenty fifth year of life.  You can count on both hands the amount of people who’ve told you, “Life’s not fair”.  You realized this was true at a young age when the infinite slamming of doors and crying tantrums consumed more than half your childhood. 

And just like any child, you thought those days were bad...flash forward to 2016 and you’ve never felt so lost. For many years you questioned why you weren’t born into a Jane Austin book, why your love lives never worked out, or why you felt sad sometimes. However, all of your dramatics and intermittent crises were nothing to ignore—but they were to be listened to.

You have struggled with learning to be “happy” with unfortunate events. Inwardly, you understand that they make you strong, aware and patient. Outwardly, there are days that the concept didn’t actually make things easier. Don’t forget you have overcome personal battles that you imagined would never vanish. You have persevered through loss and abandonment— and, you have listened.

Keep going!!! This year you will bond with fact that your life isn’t shrinking, it is expanding. It is transformative, beautiful and colorful. You have control. You will do, create, and seek amazing things. Behind any pain is a miraculous life that will manifest.

Surround yourself with people who love you. Surround yourself with friends who care about your well-being and make you feel good. Most importantly surround yourself with those who love every personality you withhold.  {Remember to thank them.}

Stop caring about what anyone thinks of you.  Embrace your daring side and take risks. Hold onto your compassionate side and be a great friend. Share what you have to offer. Re-introduce what is important to you and do everything you can not to let it go.

You will feel more beautiful than any other year you’ve existed. You will love your flaws, love your quarks and love the body you were born in.  You will not be bound. You will be free. You will learn. You will listen.

Although this life is not exactly fair, this life is about to get so good.

Keep smiling & keep loving

Love Always,