Hi Guys!

I have some exciting news this month!

I will be showing new paintings for 2019 Artweek in Boston, MA.

Collaborating with Madewell on Newbury street, new paintings, totes and a limited edition print-set will exclusively be available during a reception on :

APRIL 26 5-8 @ 329 Newbury St, Boston MA

~Raffling off 5 GROCERY TOTES

~Everyday & Beach totes available

~LIMITED EDITION print-set that includes FOUR 5” x 7” prints that are inspired by Madewell and the color pallette I know and love.

Only 15 sets will be available, so come and get them while you can!

All new paintings will be able to be seen & purchased during regular store hours at Madewell shop on Newbury from

April 26-May 5 for Artweek.

“Between you and me, 1 & 2” Acrylic on Canvas 24”x24”

Thank you to Madewell Newbury and ARTWEEK for making this happen <3