Coming soon// Card sets in session

I'm obsessed with drawing coral!! My current mind stimulation is staring in awe of  Earnst Heckle's drawings. Among many things, he is a biologist, naturalist & philosopher-- His book "Art Forms in Nature" has the most beautiful array of illustrations. They have inspired these drawings which will show up in my new card set for the winter. Chugging away on finishing the set as a whole-- what better season to do it..

Long Island // Southampton //

This fourth of July was magical// I had time to see and smell the ocean more than once, and was able to get some sketches in. I love nothing more than collecting and documenting// These drawings are small but sweet to my heart. 

Cape Cod Sketches// Client work

I have a client who brings me back to my drawing roots constantly. This inspired me for some new card sets coming soon!