is a solo exhibition dedicated to one year of pursuing a full-time painting career. I’m lucky enough to share that this show marks the first time returning to the place where I worked for 4 years on the water at Manchester Marine. The space I’m taking over has been somewhat vacant for the summer, so I linked up with the Marina to see if I could host a show there before they find someone to rent the space. After it got approved, I realized i only had about 3 weeks to get everything together— So i’ve been working!

Please join me for an evening on the water, showcasing works i’ve been painting in the year I’ve been full-time. It’s also an event to help raise support for a residency program i’ve been accepted to in the fall in Vermont! So many things to celebrate, with so many people who’ve supported my dream <3



DIRECTIONS: Turn onto ASHLAND AVENUE and continue past the railroad tracks towards the water— you know you’ve reached the end when the water is near. Find parking anywhere near the big red buildings and follow the signs to the show!


OPENING RECEPTION 6/14/19 5-8pm CLOSING 7/5/19



Hi Guys!

I have some exciting news this month!

I will be showing new paintings for 2019 Artweek in Boston, MA.

Collaborating with Madewell on Newbury street, new paintings, totes and a limited edition print-set will exclusively be available during a reception on :

APRIL 26 5-8 @ 329 Newbury St, Boston MA

~Raffling off 5 GROCERY TOTES

~Everyday & Beach totes available

~LIMITED EDITION print-set that includes FOUR 5” x 7” prints that are inspired by Madewell and the color pallette I know and love.

Only 15 sets will be available, so come and get them while you can!

All new paintings will be able to be seen & purchased during regular store hours at Madewell shop on Newbury from

April 26-May 5 for Artweek.

“Between you and me, 1 & 2” Acrylic on Canvas 24”x24”

Thank you to Madewell Newbury and ARTWEEK for making this happen <3

you stayed where?

“The Studio Allston Hotel is a creative hospitality experience situated in the heart of Boston’s hippest neighborhood. With a unique blend of energizing art and design, wit, and a comfortable atmosphere, Studio Allston enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. #StayOutsideTheFrame

Room 506, Studio Allston Hotel Boston, MA

Room 506, Studio Allston Hotel Boston, MA

Thanks to Isenberg Projects and Hotel Studio Allston, my blue paintings were transformed to fit into 9 hotel rooms with 4 prints to accompany the mural size wallpaper behind the beds. Located on 1234 Soldiers Field Road in Allston (right along the Charles River) my blue paintings were digitally stretched to fit a full sized wall which was so nerve-wracking! I had a chance to stay in one of the rooms after a night of dining with the 12 other artists that contributed to the final product. My nerves dwindled once I walked into this unique, fun, contemporary space- immediately knowing my paintings were in good hands. Waking up covered in blue was a dream, and I am so thankful for the experience.

Read more: HERE

Book your stay: HERE

ban plastic

You totes love these totes?

OK-Beverly, MA has been working hard on banning plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. The result begins on January 1, 2019—businesses that provide plastic bags to consumers will be fined $50. Let’s hope large corporations will listen.

Each tote bag is hand painted with love in my Beverly, MA studio. I love the feeling of painting on raw canvas and i also love grabbing a unique bag for my groceries, sandy beach wear, farmers market finds, weekend toiletries, transporting my cat from room to room, or anything normal in between. Fear of mass production has led each tote to be an original painting, a little piece what my larger studio work might look like.

I share a few different designs on my instagram which offer a variety of uses.

Discover the beach, everyday, and grocery tote below.

The ‘beach’ tote

  • 15”L x 4”W x 11”H.

  • hand painted

  • canvas material

  • weather proof

  • made to order

{This limited edition pair below is being sold at The Captains’ Daughter in Provincetown, MA but you can have one just like it!}

The ‘everyday’ tote

  • 10.5” L x 5”W x 13.5” H

  • hand painted

  • weather proof

  • thick canvas material

  • made to order

The ‘grocery’ tote

  • 14” L x 7”W x 16”H

  • hand painted

  • weather proof

  • thin canvas material

  • made to order

Each design comes with a 3-5 color spread. Price fluxuates between the material of the bags and time taken for each painting. Pieces may have residue of paint and unique marks making every single bag one of a kind.


Shop Totes

click here

Thanks for reading!

give thanks

New prints coming to the shop on Thanksgiving day!

  • You’ll have a chance to buy new prints early at the upcoming event on November 17-18 in Portsmouth NH at 3S ArtSpace: FORM + FUNCTION. Check out my blog post about the event.

  • If you’re not able to make it to the show, prints will be released on Thanksgiving day to my online shop.

  • Each image is printed on Moab Entrada Archival Paper- 290 GSM thick.

  • All images stem from original works on paper, which will be available for purchase as well.

  • Printed by House of Roulx - (thank u for representing and printing my images beautifully & locally)



—Excited to be apart of a new show FORM + FUNCTION in Portsmouth, NH—

“Presenting a curated showcase of unique, hand-crafted work by skilled artisans to the greater Seacoast community.

Find inspired gifts this holiday season. Featuring textiles, housewares, jewelry, metal work, accessories, ceramics, prints, and more!”

FREE and open to the public!


Expect new paintings, hand painted tote bags, new PRINTS & more.

Detail of new paintings 24”x24” Untitled

Detail of new paintings 24”x24” Untitled


319 Vaughan Street-Portsmouth, NH

Hope to see you there!

Print release

A select number have prints have made it to the shop! 

Printed on Moab Entrada Archival Paper- 290 GSM thick.







50 Rice Street
Wellesley, MA 02481


makers for makers

You may or may not have heard of blogger and designer Brittany Fabello. She's a Montserrat grad with a lot to offer in the blogging world. She's a world traveler, artist, and great designer. She asked me if I'd like to be a part of a section of her blog called Makers for Makers. You'll be able to read my artistic processes in the inverview on her website below. 

Britt Fabello

PC: Myra Thornton

PC: Myra Thornton



as we all know, the new year can possess a lot of change. I am happy to announce that from this day forward, I will call 222 Cabot Gallery and Studios a home away from home. If you don't find me sipping coffee down town, or lingering around new gift shops, I will be in studio space #11 conveniently located in Downtown Beverly, MA.

I want to thank all of you for the continuous support and encouragement over the past years to get me where I am today. I am blown away by the enthusiastic community Beverly, MA continues to provide for not only myself, but to artists around the Northshore. I'm so excited to begin working on projects planned and exist in a new creative environment. 

Cheers, and Thank you!

small works


I mainly like to paint large. However, when I get stuck, painting small is now my only way to loosen up my hands and physically visualize large pieces inside a 4"x4" square. See some new little works below. 


where you will find me

It was only a few weeks ago when Field House Shop in Beverly open their magical doors and changed Cabot street for the better. This little town revels in unique businesses and I am happy to announce our collaboration. Field House will be representing my paintings for as long as they can stand me.

I love finding the spots that best represent my work. It all feels really good here. If you have the chance to visit, please say hello! Located at 265 Cabot street, Beverly. 

"snowcapped" 2'x3'&nbsp;

"snowcapped" 2'x3' 

Another exciting collab that happened with Interior designer Kristina Crestin is what you see below. Mood boards were made based off of books of each designer's choice, and Boston Design Magazine would curate an above shot. Three of my baby paintings were selected to be apart of this mood board. Loving the earth tones next to Kristina's chosen fabrics. Check out the Home 2017 edition of Boston Design Magazine.

Weeknd *Sale*

Anyone who signs up to my email list gets a 15% off on this guy down below OR

Sign up to receive more news and updates in general! 

10"x10" Price $150.00



As new things are brewing in this brain of mine, I am working to prepare for summer fairs and spring flash sales.

The next few months I will be working on much smaller (original) & affordable work for everyone who's interested. Please reach out! All information on my the website! This sale will end the last day of June 2016.

Here's what you can expect prices to be for small works:

**Tiny paintings in progress only $25**

6x6" Paintings $65

8x8" Paintings $85

10x10" paintings $150

1X1' Paintings $250



Today's Flash Sales is Pink Skies going for $150.00-- Email me if interested! 

10X10" $150.00

Sloppy Ocean. 10"x10" $150.00

Depth, 8"x8" $125.00