Morgan Dyer is an artist living and working on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Dyer grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Beverly, MA once she graduated with her BFA in painting and Art History at Montserrat College of Art. Her background of travel and constant moving encourages her to discover and reconnect with her surroundings which speaks to the main focus in her work. She works primarily with paint and known for her large abstract landscapes which have been shown in galleries across the North Shore. 

Morgan can be found at local fairs where she sells smaller painting ideas and color studies that represent her larger work or in her studio on 222 Cabot Street.  She is currently selling larger work at Mimi Gift Gallery in Manchester-by-the-Sea and Field House in Beverly, MA. 

Other than attending shows, you can follow her process on Instagram


   The motivation behind my paintings emerges from a curiosity to the landscape and it’s shifting qualities. Paintings and studies are seen through the lens of memory; an escape or initiation towards it. These shifting shapes exist in an atmosphere that can express clarity, or complete fog. Memories that are transformed into paint become an attempt to understand a connection with the past and moments I wish to remember.

         Various works will show obvious forms of landscape, mostly experiences drawn from New Hampshire's past; and others deal with formations closer to sea or rock. They often highlight obscure imagery and moments that have been spaced out over time. A composite of deep colors and transparencies serve purpose to memories in which it speaks to.

         Color is the way I interpret the world and my experiences. I paint to capture moments--document time--and maintain memories. These shapes and colors have an ability to bounce off of one another through uncomfortable contrasts or dance around obvious color initiatives through subtle changes in range. Transparencies and overlapping color can speak to the history and small details within a specific moment. I am creating my own history and take pleasure in designing a visual notebook for myself to reflect upon. 

Artist Video via Jo Donofrio