Morgan Dyer lives and works in Beverly, Massachusetts. Her studio is located in downtown Beverly, the heart of a rich community that has allowed support for many gallery shows around the North Shore. Contact Morgan if you’d like to see her latest collections in her studio at 222 Cabot Street- Beverly, MA.

You can find Dyer’s work in permanent collections at Hotel Studio Allston in Boston, MA and Field House in Beverly, MA. 

Other than attending shows, you can follow her process on Instagram


I paint large color forward abstract paintings. Layers of soft and hard pigments combine together and speak to narratives of my past bridging emotion that may induce uncomfortable spacial relationships or on the contrary, relatable elements of landscape. Using mediums and large amounts of acrylic paint, I pour, erase, and mark the surface with brushes and in reaction to an emotion. I work with the medium to apply the story I wish to tell.